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Dr Bob Beck - 2 Hour Lecture At The Granada Forums

The Bob Beck Protocol Relieves Asthma and Severe Allergies

Colloidal Ionic Silver eliminates symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Blood Electrification, the Bob Beck Protocol, Helps Lungs

Woman Overcomes Epstein Barr-CFS using the Bob Beck Protocol

Beck Protocol With Colloidal Silver helps Clear Chronic Parasitic Infection

Man gets his life back after using Bob Beck Protocol

Colloidal SIlver + Bob Beck Protocol helps with Rare Adrenal Illness

Spots on the Liver Disappear after Using Bob Beck Protocol

Bob Beck Protocol helps Recover from AIDS symptoms

Bob Beck Protocol Used for Liver Challenge and Extends Life

Bob Beck's Blood Electrification helps with Hepatitis C

Bob Beck's Blood Pulser Reverses Stomach and Colon Illnesses

Bob Beck Protocol Helps Boy Recover from Leukemia

Bob Beck + Colloidal Silver Lung Cancer Cure (Testimonial)